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Late Shri Jai Narayan Ji Jhawar

Late Shri Jai Narayan Jhawar was the founder of the Group and started the business in 1963 in the engineering goods, his knowledge and entrepreneurship awarded a big height to the business and become a national level entrepreneur in the agricultural engineering business.

Jhawar family used to be the treasurer for the Indore bank ( Later Indore Bank was used to be known as State Bank of Indore and finally got merged with State Bank of India ) in the Holkar State. In last 50 years of his professionalism, he has undoubtedly touched the sky of success.

Shri Anil Jhawar
Managing Director

He is a dynamic man in charge of day to day operations of the company. He is hands on manager who uses the right blend of professionalism.

With the possession of inborn engineering and management His motto to be successful in marketing and running a profitable business is "Quality is the "Quality is the best policy".

With the efforts and proper planning/ execution of policies JICS became now amongst top 5 companies in the Industry.

Shri Pranav Jhawar
Executive Director

After completing a degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from the United States of America, he has become an asset by making the company technologically more advanced. He is a young man who involves himself with day to day operations of the company.

His areas of operations include production, quality, HRD, among others. With his urge to probe into more specialization and perfection, he has the calibre to take the company to a new height.

He is playing a key role in developing the company with the new approach of modern technology, implementation of SAP, Construction of new warehouses with modern technology.

Planning to diversify the group into food processing, Hotel Industry, storage and handling of FMCG products etc.